Samples in Green and White using tape and nail polish

Personal Gear Color Coding

In any kind of activation or event, many people will be bringing gear. In the confusion, especially in an emergency situation, it's easy for items to get lost, misplaced, or packed up with the wrong person during the deactivation phase.

It's always a good idea to label your equipment to ensure you get it back! Label gear with your call sign, and maybe a telephone number or email address in case the item is picked up by a non-ham who won't recognize a call sign or know how to get in contact with you based on one.

However, some items are impractical to label, because of size, shape, or material. Cables, tools, RF adaptors, etc are often impossible to label effectivell. In this case, a color coding system can be used. This approach is also popular in other fields, like Search and Rescue to mark ropes, carabiners, and such.

If you choose a personal color scheme, and ensure nobody else is using it, you can use it to effectively brand items as your own. See the table below of colors people have "claimed" in our area. Black is not recommended since so much equipment is black. Otherwise, pick a single color or color combo. Email the webmaster to add your scheme to the list.

Electrical or retroreflective tape can be wrapped around cables or stuck on items. Nail polish can be a quite durable paint and is available inexpensively in a huge variety of colors from places like Walmart. A dot or two of your colors will stick to places that tape won't. Even for larger items that you do label, colored labels can make equipment easily recognizable at a distance.

Known Color Schemes

CallColor or Color Combo