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Jul 2014

August Newsletter

August’s Newsletter is now out -- enjoy!

BCEPN Net Report for July, 2014

From Mike Davis, K2MOL, BCEPN Net Manager:

Check-Ins: 64
Announcements: 10
Traffic: 4
Training: 4
Time: 127 Minutes

Mike Davis K2MOL to become BCEPN Net Manager

At last night's meeting, Mike Davis K2MOL announced he had accepted the position of BCEPN net manager. Mike has been a net control operator for the SEFTN for a while, and has a lot of ideas planned for training and enhancing the BCEPN. Congratulations Mike and thanks for stepping up!


July Meeting Report

At last night's meeting, Kai Siwiak KE4PT gave a presentation on improvised antennas that could be used in an emergency situation, including a quick 2 m dipole from coax, a way to convert a 2m mag mount to 2m/440 operation, and an off-center end fed HF dipole, plus some other tips and tricks.
A PDF of the slides for his presentation is available.

Thanks Kai!


July Newsletter

July’s Newsletter is now out -- enjoy!

Help Wanted!

We have a current need to fill several positions:

  • Training Officer(s) to help prepare material for meetings and the BCEPN
  • A new Net Manager for the BCEPN
  • Additional Net Control Stations for the BCEPN
  • Operators to staff shelters in case of an emergency

Can you help? If so, please contact Robin or Carol!