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April Meeting Report

The meeting began with a discussion of the April 15 County/Municipal exercise. This was a closed exercise, but several municipalities chose to invite local hams to their municipal EOCs to participate. One municipality used the FCABC CERT channels (commercial 2-way radio frequencies).

Next was a discussion of upcoming events. There will be another exercise in mid to late May. Details will follow as they are firmed up.

April’s previously announced meeting topic, on being a net control operator, was postponed until May. Instead, as this is the second anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, Barry Porter, KB1PA, showed a video by Rob Macedo, KD1CY, from last year’s National Hurricane Conference on the Amateur Radio response to the incident.

This was followed by a video from this year’s National Hurricane Conference, held in Austin, TX, on ham radio and SKYWARN in South Texas.